Garments are thoroughly inspected when brought in and again before cleaning. This includes button or ornamental protection or removal, identification of defects such as rips, staining, etc.


All cleaning (Dry-cleaning, Laundering and Specialist Hand Cleaning) is carried out on site by our staff using advanced techniques and incorporating the latest technology and the purest of cleaning solvents.


After cleaning items are put though a Steam finish to eliminate odour and creasing making the garment easier to work with. Years of experience and practice means our pressers produce the highest standard to your specific requirements


Every garment is formally inspected in staggering detail by our quality control to ensure that it is at its very best before being returned.We use custom hangers, dust covers and quality robe to make sure your garment is protected and ensure that when you come to wear it it’s in the best possible condition still.


Q1. Is Drycleaning good for clothes?

A. Yes. It removes grit, dust and grease that can damage the fabric if left in it too long. Drycleaning not only prolongs the life of a garment, but keeps it looking smart as long as possible.

Q2. Should I have all matching pieces cleaned together?

A. Yes. If all pieces are cleaned together, any variations will be minimal. However, there are exceptions. Some two pieces are made as seperates and different cleaning instructions may be found on each piece.

Q3. Do stains naturally come out in the machine then?

A. No! very few stains are naturally removed during dry cleaning, even though a powerful soap is added to the wash.

Q4. What is dry cleaning?

A. Dry cleaning is a process of washing garments and fabrics without using water as the washing medium.

Q5. How do you know what to use?

A. In reality it’s nice to be told what the stains are, so if you know what’s been spilled don’t keep it a secret. However, lots of stains aren’t seen by the wearer and the cleaner uses experience and common sense to guess what the stains may be. Even then it may take three or four cleans before the cleaner gets it right and removes the stain.

Q6. How long does cleaning take?

A. This very much depends on how dirty a garment is together with it’s colour and fabric content. A cleaner will divide loads up the same way as you should for washing, so if you’re lucky and right load is being put into the machine it may take only 45 minutes. If dirty or the wrong type it may take a few hours or days to achieve best results.

Q7. Why do things get ruined in dry cleaners?

A. The most common reasons are: 

A reaction to stain treatment.

The manufacturer has labeled the garment incorrectly.

The garment has been badly made.

Damage had occurred before cleaning but became more evident after cleaning.

Q8. Do you offer Free Collection delivery service?

A. Yes, we offer a  free collections and delivery service. We can also arrange a take down and re-hang service on your curtains/blinds or any heavy household items in addition to your normal dry cleaning or laundry. Simply contact us and ask for further details or to arrange a free, no obligation quote.