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Alterations & Repairs

Do you have any garments at home that you would love to get altered and/or repaired? Then come on down to our Swindon store. At Quality Dry Cleaners, we are more than just a cleaning company. We’re experts in the art of cleaning down and looking after your products and making sure they are returned to you in the best condition that they can be.

With the various alterations and repairs that we can make, we can ensure that you get the right kind of solution without any time being wasted. You simply need to let us know what the problem is and what you would like us to do about it. Our team of seamstresses in Swindon can then get to work altering, repairing, improving, and mastering the quality of your garment. This means that it will come back to you looking in fantastic condition – as good as new!

It’s part of our service that at we are deeply proud of at Quality Dry Cleaners. We know that you can rely upon us to do a great job, making sure the end results more than justify the means. With quick and easy working times, too, we make sure that you always know when it’s gong to arrive back with you.

Alterations & Repairs Services In Swindon

What kind of alterations and repairs in Swindon can you provide?

We work on various kinds of clothing, with our team experienced and skilled enough to handle just about any kind of damaged or otherwise weakened clothing. For example, we regularly deal with items such as blouses, bow ties, cashmere knitwear, coats, curtains, dinner jackets, dinner suits, dinner trousers, dresses, gloves, skirts, waistcoats and wedding dresses.

That versatility means that we can quickly and easily tidy up every part of the garment, making it look absolutely spectacular once again. So, if you worry that any piece of clothing that you own is not quite up to the standard that you wish it was then come and see our Swindon team.

We can book you in for a quick chat to take a look and then we can go through with the items that need cleaned up and altered. We can clean them, dry them, iron them, and fix the problem for you quickly. This leaves you with alterations that look good and repairs that would be impossible to see to the untrained eye.

So, whether you’ve ruined that good tie you have, or you have found a slice in your skirt, we can make sure that the problem can be solved quickly and easily. All that you need to do is give us a call and our team will go ahead and plan out everything for you.

This will mean that all you need to do is call us, tell us what you are bringing, and let us know when you are arriving. Once you do that, we can get to work and make sure that the garment can be repaired in good time for you. So, drop off your clothing with us and our team will get to work ASAP to ensure they come back to you in pristine condition.

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